Magicians and Roving

The profile artists listed on the following pages are well suited to corporate events, gala dinners, awards nights or private functions & are some of the best known and well-loved in Australia.

If you would like to make an artist booking, please note the names of the acts you are most interested in & either email us via contact us or call us on 03 9520 9109. We have a cover band suitable for any occasion - corporate functions, venues, clubs & pubs.

Featured Artist:


Grand Illusionist. Incredible entertainment.



International award-winning illusionist Cosentino fuses traditional sleight-of-hand magic and grand illusions into novel presentations with unique and charming style. He transcends the boundaries of the past and performs some of the most original and funky effects witnessed today.

Cosentino was runner up on Australia's Got Talent to Jack Vidgen and impressed the judges & audience alike with his unique & extraordinary talent.


The art of quick change costume transformation is a very specialised branch of magic that dates back as far as the 15th century.

Also known as proteanism, or meta-morphing – it is the art of changing costumes at lighting speed in front of an audience within seconds – leaving no trace of how, when, and where each set of clothes disappear each time. Due to it’s rareness, complexity and lengthy time in preparation for a quick change show, it is one of the most exclusive and impressive illusion there is in theatre.

Today, traditional quick change is sporadically performed throughout the world. There are only a handful of artists who have dedicated themselves fully to this art, and very few who are internationally acclaimed performers. Those lucky enough to witness this magical illusion, will no doubt agree that it is a mesmerizing, fascinating, and mind-boggling spectacle.


Matt Hollywood is one of Australia’s most nationally recognized entertainers - as a regular guest on Fox’s Footy Show, Good Morning Australia, Big Brother Update, a reality contestant on Channel 10’s The Hothouse and a featured entertainer at celebrity events Australia wide. He has entertained companies and individuals across the globe with his hilarious mind-blowing magic and Las Vegas style illusions. 
Whether you have seen him in action or simply heard about the show, one thing is for sure – you will not forget the amazing comedy magic of the Matt Hollywood Magic Show. 
Matt Hollywood has won numerous National and International awards for his skills including the coveted Australia’s ‘Champion of Magic’. His brilliant sense of humour has set a new standard for entertainment and you are guaranteed ‘hilariously impressive and unforgettable performances’. 

“I have never seen a group of that size laughing so much. You were amazing and you had them all still in stitches!” – Greg T - Boral – State Conference
Club – Annual Fundraising Dinner


David Kaffey is an outstanding comic illusionist whose unique performances, which usually include a willing victim from the audience, and revolve around "the trick" going in an unexpected direction! 

Prior to his arrival in Australia, Dave spent 3 years working for BBC TV on the Michael Parkinson Show. During that time, Dave won The International Golden Hands Award and had 2 books of poetry published. He was subsequently nominated for The Premier's Literary Awards in 1987. Dave is also a regular "drive-time" radio presenter on Melbourne Southern FM.


Sophisticated and spontaneous, hilarious and highly polished, The Three Waiters puts three singing waiters undercover - right inside your function! The tightly-scripted yet hilarious show is designed to enhance your event, but never interrupt it.

Most of all, The Three Waiters keeps the focus where it belongs: on your message, your clients and you.

The Three Waiters is a dynamic vocal trio featuring professional performers hoaxing as waiters, singing everything from Verdi to Elvis. It is only at the finale that their true identities are revealed, and then The Three Waiters are gone, leaving your guests cheering!

*The Three Waiters is the only act ever to win "Entertainer of the Year" twice at the USA Event Solution Awards, 2002 & 2006!


Dubbed Australia’s favourite magicians, these fantastic performers include stage magic, comedy magic, illusions and customised corporate presentations.
"The Night of Illusion. Well that just, in your words, "blew me away", along with everyone else there. They were incredible! I've never heard people raving about an act so much. I know what they did was really magic, no tricks involved. Let's give them 200%"
- Christina Pickersgill, Australian Friendly Societies Association


Marty’s act is a clever combination of spectacular juggling, fire eating and death defying feats, all wrapped up with non-stop humour. Among his routines is the uproarious apple, bowling ball and egg juggle where he eats the apple during the stunt.

There is the “dangerous objects juggle” atop a two metre unicycle where Marty enlists the help of the audience in getting started. And of course he likes to finish on his now famous chainsaw juggle (sans kittens for the stage act!). With or without cats his deftness for combining hilarious patter, visual surprise gags and tension building stunts always keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. 

Marty Coffey certainly has a sensational approach to comedy basing it around juggling; or a sensational approach to juggling basing it around comedy. 

Whichever way you look at it Marty Coffey has a sensational comedy act.


From the start - "That's All Right Mama" to the Vegas style shows of the 70's, ROHAN HAMMIT emulates the Legend in his own style from the hip swivelling 50's and 60's to the karate kicks of the 70's. Backed by a group of superb musicians and wearing the famous elaborate jumpsuits of the Vegas years, Rohan gives an awesome high-energy performance every time! 

Rohan is also available solo with backing tracks & as a duo or 4 piece line up when required.


The Great Gizmo This is no regular 'Corporate Clown'! A unique character with a particular magic of his own, able to coax innocent people into partaking in feats of silliness or danger, never experienced before. Such feats as the amazing 'ride of fear', where a dare devil sits upon The Great Gizmo's shoulders while he rides his unicycle. The only steering being the curls on his distinguished moustache. He can balance on his chin anything from a feather to a bicycle. To see 10 chairs balanced upon a chin, you need to see The Great Gizmo! Keep your shoes and other possessions protected, as they are likely to be juggled before your very eyes. Anything is possible when The Great Gizmo! is around.


Just try to imagine, if you can, witnessing a fire demon performing a graceful and ritualistic fire dance with a burning mandula, and you’ll have yourself a piece of Pyrotechnique. 

Boasting breath-taking costume, this spectacular performance, including contemporary dance along with superb fire theatre, is one to look out for!

If your after an act to liven things up then look no further, you've found it. Simply fantastic! 

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